Soccer Balls Pro Series

This range of soccer balls is used for soccer matches played the professional and semi-professional level.

Size Chart

Which Size of Ball Should I Play With?

Check and see what ball is recommended for your age group.

Size 5

68 - 70 cm circumference

410 - 450 g

Ages 13+

Size 4

63.5 - 66 cm circumference

350 - 390 g

Ages 9 - 12

Size 3

60 - 62 cm circumference

320 - 340 g

Ages 8 & Under


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Sale price$100.00
Sold out
Sale price$100.00
Brillant Super TB v22Brillant Super TB v22
Sale price$170.00
Brillant Super USL League One v22
Derbystar Bundesliga Brillant APS 2022/23Derbystar Bundesliga Brillant APS 2022/23
Brillant Super USL Championship v22
Liga Portugal Brillant Super TB v22
Brillant Super v22Brillant Super v22
Sale price$165.00
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Brillant Super USL Championship v23Brillant Super USL Championship v23
Sold out
Brillant Super USL League 1 v23Brillant Super USL League 1 v23
Brillant Super USL W League v22