Soccer Balls Special Series

Take your training to the next level. With goalkeeper training balls, beach balls or street balls there are endless options to your training.

Size Chart

Which Size of Ball Should I Play With?

Check and see what ball is recommended for your age group.

Size 5

68 - 70 cm circumference

410 - 450 g

Ages 13+

Size 4

63.5 - 66 cm circumference

350 - 390 g

Ages 9 - 12

Size 3

60 - 62 cm circumference

320 - 340 g

Ages 8 & Under


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Mini Super #color_red/blue
Sale price$15.00
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Colpo Di Testa
Sale price$40.00 Regular price$45.00
Blue beach soccer ball #color_blue/yellowBlue beach soccer ball #color_blue/yellow
Sale price$35.00
Grande Trainer #color_yellow/greenGrande Trainer #color_yellow/green
Sale price$80.00
Street Kicker #color_yellow/blueStreet Kicker #color_yellow/blue
Sale price$30.00
Mini Brillant Super #color_white/purple
Sale price$15.00
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Sale price$60.00
Sold out
Sale price$85.00