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GDPR, Terms and Conditions
Purpose of data collection: SELECT defines why personal data is collected. If the purpose of data collection is changed, the “Data Subject” is informed.
Archive: SELECT defines how long it is relevant to store data and ensures that all data is deleted accordingly.
Public policy: When requested, SELECT will provide information about which data is stored for each ”Data Subject”. SELECT will not transfer or sell personal data to third-party. Data may be used in the SELECT Group following this policy. Data will NOT be shared with Select Sport America being outside the EU.

Purpose of data processing
Your personal data provided to us by e-mail, contact form etc. will be processed to answer your inquiries. You are not obliged to provide us with personal data, but we will not be able to answer your inquiries sent by e-mail without your e-mail address.
Archive: SELECT defines the duration of stored data and ensures that all data is deleted accordingly.

Duration of Storage
Your data will be deleted if the circumstances infer that your queries have been completely clarified.
However, if a contract is concluded, the data required by commercial and tax law will be retained by us for the period as required by law.

Security Safeguard
SELECT ensures that physical systems and IT systems have safeguards against unauthorized access, use or modification of data.

SELECT ensures that only relevant people gain data access.

The design made with the Creator is only a mock-up – not a final design. All users who have filled in the request form and made a product design, will be contacted by the SELECT sales division, and the design will be finalized in corporation with SELECT.

SELECT reserves the right to adjust the final design, and the final design will be sent for approval before a sample is produced.

By filling in the request form at the end of the process, you hereby give SELECT the right to contact you afterwards.

Making a design in the Creator will generate a request. Please note – this is not considered an order. The order confirmation will be sent to you by the SELECT sales division when the design has been finalized and approved.