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Club soccer ball - fast paced match and training ball

Fast paced, dual bonded, match and training ball


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Viking DB

Product details

Dual Bonded Ball

Icon Dual Bonded Ball

Dual Bonded Ball


A combination of stitching and gluing. First, the edges of the 32 panels are coated with a special adhesive. Once the glue has dried, the panels are sewn together by machine. When this production step is complete, the ball is placed in a two-piece mold. Now the closed form is heated, and the ball is pumped up. The heat activates the adhesive and glues the panels together. This relieves the seam and ensures a lasting round shape. The seams are then additionally sealed.

FIFA Basic

Icon FIFA Basic
FIFA Basic Approval


The test requirements for this standard are designed to identify products that fulfil basic performance, accuracy, safety and durability criteria for football. The focus is on setting minimum standards while ensuring affordability for use at all levels of the game.

NFHS Approved



NFHS Approved:

National Federation of State High School Associations: Balls must meet specific criteria based on circumference, weight and outer casing.

32 Panels

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